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Danila Kozlovsky Fans Brazil
This blog is dedicated to Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky <3


Russian God  Danila Kozlovsky.

I will come back, for you.

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“If I could dream, I know I’d dream about you.I’d dream about the way you smell and how your dark hair feels like silk between my fingers. I’d dream about the smoothness of your skin and the fierceness of your lips when we kiss. Without dreams,I have to be content with my own imagination—which is almost as good. I can picture all those things perfectly.” 

Dimitri and Roza. 

"I try not to mix professional stuff with private stuff. I never go home in character. I don’t want people, who are close to me, to suffer from it. It’s another thing that my work lasts for whole 24 hours, without stopping. You think about your role, repeat lines to yourself, play scenes in your mind, and exist in a continuous inner dialogue. It’s almost uncontrollable."

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